B+S Finnland Sauna: Exceptional quality in Finnish sauna style

Premium quality for 45 years

We as the main contractor plan and build custom-made and unique commercially used saunas, spa and wellness complexes ready for use. We are the only German sauna constructor that got accepted as a member of the Suomen Saunaseura r.y. Helsinki. Due to their strict admission standards, we think that this achievement speaks for itself.

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icon Massive Polar Spruce Logs

Massive Polar Spruce Logs

icon Modern Design

Modern Design

icon Custom


icon 25 Years Warranty

25 Years Warranty

B+S Log Sauna – an All-Time Customer Favourite

Love and passion for saunas

For more than 45 years now we enjoy an extraordinarily love and passion for saunas that treat our customers with a remarkable Finnish sauna climate. Our saunas are manufactured in our own carpenter’s workshop and built directly on-site. From our head office in Germany we operate throughout Europe.

Experience you can rely on

With more than 17.000 private and commercially used saunas, our consultants and interior designers are well-trained sauna professionals. Because of their know-how joined with honest and individual consulting, they always find the perfect solution. Our goal is that you are still satisfied and successful with the outcome for many years to come.

Increased attractiveness for your customers

For your professional spa area to become an all-time customer favourite, its offer has to differ from your competition in a positive way. It all depends on quality and the facilities you provide for your guests. Our original Finnish log sauna and log sauna cabins do just that – because of their exceptional quality and luxury amenities, customers will love to spend time at your sauna complex. With a B+S FINNLAND SAUNA, you actively increase the attractiveness of your spa area and sustainably gain customer loyalty.

Quality that pays off

In order that your sauna becomes a customer favourite, every step from planning to implementation has to be executed precisely. A realistic general concept is fundamental to gain and sustain customer loyalty. At B+S FINNLAND SAUNA you get turnkey solutions that are based on 45 years of experience in professional sauna construction. We have the know-how to make your sauna successful and provide you with an exceptional service and high-end quality.

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Premium quality wood– an original Finnish experience

You can completely rely on the quality of our wood – we only use massive polar spruce logs directly imported from Finland. The advantages speak for themselves: better sauna climate, greater stability and lower energy costs than saunas with alternative materials. Moreover, our products are extremely durable. By putting your order in our hand, you not only make the right decision from a commercial point of view – you provide your guest with an authentic, true Finnish experience.

Energy efficient due to natural characteristics of the wood

The massive polar spruce logs we use for our saunas have a naturally high energy storage capacity. Once heated up, they store the heat efficiently. Therefore, the required energy is very low. Another advantage of the Finnish polar spruce logs is that there is no need for a forced venting. Due to premium wood quality and our special construction method, a vacuum builds up inside of the sauna. It draws fresh air through an air supply in the bottom area into the interior of the sauna. This way, the air refreshes itself up to seven times per hour. A natural optimised climate!

A sauna complex in a class of its own

Your customers usually care most for one thing: the experience. Not only the sauna session itself but the atmosphere of the whole complex is what really makes a difference. Our design outdoor saunas fit perfectly into an aesthetic outdoor facility. For the indoor complex, luxury amenities and comfortable surroundings are as important. We gladly design and construct your spa complex including cooling and relaxation zones and of course our B+S FINNLAND SAUNA.

Exciting variety and diverse sauna experiences

Why not offer your guests an exciting variety of different sauna variations to make their stay in your spa complex more worthwhile? The variations are endless: Themed saunas like Maa®-Sauna, Suuri®-Sauna, Kivi-Sauna, Nurmi-Sauna or Ruusu®-Sauna, design saunas like the tree house or the theatre sauna. Take a look at our references and draw inspiration from our most recent projects.

In Germany and throughout Europe we are your professional partner when it comes to thorough planning and construction of your individual spa complex that customers will love.

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The sauna of your dreams is within reach.

Simply make a free appointment for one of our expert sauna consultants to come to your home or send off for our sauna catalogue. Find out more at here on our website.

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