A real sauna experience.

Just in time for the beginning of summer, guests of the Arobella leisure baths in Bad Arolsen can experience one of the most modern event saunas of B+S Finland sauna!

You are invited to relax and enjoy the 65 square metres (approx.) large Finnish event sauna. The wood of the 70 mm thick solid sauna walls comes exclusively from the Finnish polar spruce. This wood, together with the construction, provides the incomparably mild sauna climate. The new infusion sauna can accommodate up to 70 people.

The high-quality sauna benches made of abachi wood are arranged in three stages and equipped with our patented Finland sauna bench movement system with closed bench interspaces. The electrical sauna heater outputs 102 kW eliciting a good sweat for both the guests and the sauna master.

Specially designed for the event sauna, is the polished granite stove in the middle of the sauna that heats the 400kg peridotite stones, thus ensuring constant perfect heat.

The worktable for the sauna master, with the stove, is equipped with a heat protection according to DIN. An attractive, adjustable and contemporary lighting/sound system ensures a comfortable atmosphere in the sauna.

Important data at a glance:

  • Size of the sauna: 65 square metres
  • Space for 70 people
  • Floor cooling
  • Bench substructure made from stainless steel
  • B + S sauna stove with a capacity of 102 kW

Photo credits: ©Arobella Bad Arolsen

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