Finnish sauna with state-of-the-art lighting and sound system


  • Client Berendonck Thermal Baths
    • Number of saunas 1
      • Sauna model Theatre Sauna / Event Sauna
        • Sauna size 150 square metres
          • Special features Sauna heater with 6 electric stoves (@ 36 kW), under floor cooling, patented bench sliding system, tent roof with green roofs

Project details

The new theatre sauna gives another magical wellness experience enriching the Berendonck Thermal Baths.

The sauna is made by B+S Finnland Sauna from the rare and high-quality kelo wood. The dead and naturally dried wood of the Finnish Polar Spruce is weather-resistant, distortion-free and ensures a mild and extremely soothing sauna climate even at high temperatures.

The 150 square meter theatre sauna offers enough space for 200 people. The wide roof overhangs are used for the storage of bathrobes and bathing cushions. The special feature of this sauna is the gable-open sauna ceiling with extensive green roofs on the appropriately constructed tent roof.

The 30 cm thick sauna walls, made of kelo wood, absorb the heat of the sauna and releases it slowly. This creates a true and authentic Finnish sauna climate.
To enter the sauna, go through the main entrance with large double doors, or through either of the two side entrances.


The sauna benches are arranged in four stages and equipped with a patented bench-shifting system with closed bench interspaces.

In the middle of the sauna is the stove built using natural stone from Ibbenbüren that contains six maintenance-friendly built-in 36 kW electric heaters. That’s how an incredible 800 kg of peridotite can be heated!

At the centre of the sauna, with the stove is the worktable of the sauna master, which provides heat protection according to DIN standard. The theatre also has adjoining rooms for the technical controls, the sauna master and a storeroom.

Equipped with the most modern lighting and sound system, and a TV projection screen approx. 360 x 220 cm, the theatre sauna in the Berendonck Thermal Baths is superbly equipped to give event and sauna lovers an unforgettable experience.

Photo credits: ©Thermen Berendonck

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